A look at three of Ricoma Embroidery’s Top-Selling Machines for 2022

A look at three of Ricoma Embroidery’s Top-Selling Machines for 2022
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  • Post published:Apr 6, 2022
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While at the recent Impressions Expo in Long Beach, California, we caught up with Ricoma, one of the most well-respected manufacturers of embroidery machinery, on some of the latest greatest machines they are promoting for 2022 and beyond. 

Ricoma’s Aliana Zamorano gave us an in-depth look at three of their machines, the first being their semi-commercial EM-1010, a single-head machine that features 10 needles. Aliana said that their EM-1010 is one of their best sellers because it is considered to be a great starter machine. 

Aliana also showed us their single-head MT-1501, which she explained to us as a better option for someone looking to use a Ricoma Embroidery machine on the industrial side. Compared to the EM-1010, the 1501 is a much more heavy-duty machine. It also features 15 needles compared to the 1010’s 10 needles. 

The big-ticket item Ricoma was showing off at the Impressions Expo was their new three-head machine, the MT-2003. Aliana said that it is the first of its kind that features 20 needles on each head, something no other three-head machine on the market has. You will also have access to their 8S panel that has wifi compatibility.

Like all of the Ricoma machines, their panels act as the brain of the machine, allowing you to control all aspects of the embroidery process.

This fits perfectly in between a single-head and a six-head, allowing a shop the option of a cheaper three-head machine rather than jumping all the way to a six-head. 

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To watch the full interview with Ricoma, click the link to the video below!

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